VFM providing RedRow’s Blake Tower with state of the art fibre optic broadband

The ERSG Group recently announced an exciting new venture in London’s prestigious Grade ll listed Barbican Estate, for ESRG investment partner Vision Future Media.

VFM, in conjunction with RedRow, will provide state of the art fibre optic broadband within the new Blake Tower luxury residential development, allowing each dwelling the opportunity to connect to lightning fast fibre optic broadband. The bespoke fibre optic network will deliver movie downloads and video streaming at the same speed as upload of images and other large files. It will also allow access to the very latest satellite TV and digital telephone technology, which will also supplied to each apartment by VFM.

RedRow are due to release the next set of apartments onto the property market from September 2015. All properties available to buy will come pre-installed with VFM’s state-of-the-art fibre optic network ready for the new owners or tenants to connect straight away.

Ian Ratcliffe, Managing Director of VFM, said, “The Barbican is the largest residential retro-fit development in the UK and now has full access to one of the fastest residential broadband speeds (1Gb) in the country.”

The ESRG group is not only pleased to see the successful of its investment opportunity, but is also “genuinely elated to be associated with such a high profile development. The Barbican is a huge contract, not only in size but also in status; the Barbican is an iconic development, and the VFM contract is now an intrinsic part of what is currently the largest UK development with full access to ultra-fast broadband.” Said David Evans, ESRG Group.