The ESRG Group announces an investment in technology start-up Df2020

The ESRG Group celebrates a successful collaboration, following its investment in new technology start-up Df2020. Forged through an existing business relationship between Df2020’s John Rawlings and ESRG’s David Evans, the backing was agreed during developmental stages, based on a viable concept and sound business strategy.

Df2020 is led by John Rawlings (CEO), Freddie McMahon (Thought Leader) and Jeff McGeachie (Legal).Drawing on a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, Freddie McMahon has pioneered change in practices by creating new approaches to decision systems, global information, and intelligence solutions. John Rawlings is a recognised business leader and entrepreneur, with a particular interest and skill base within the health sector, citing the vital importance of universal access to methods, policies and procedures in order to ensure everyone can benefit from quality healthcare.

The Df2020 draws on Freddie and John’s vast experience in the area of knowledge management, and knowledge capture and reuse, in addition to the development of earlier technology. The logical market progression was to apply their combined experience in order to develop and provide App products for mobile. Df2020 is believed to be the first organisation to use the concept of User Generated Interactive Content (UGIC), and the company is currently working with the cyber security, diabetes, education and knowledge management sectors.

The Df2020 Author and Viewer Apps, along with the Df2020 Cloud, are ideal for procedures, instructions, and self-help. They also provide an audit trail, invaluable within highly regulated sectors, and business intelligence can be captured on an anonymous basis. The aim of Df2020 is to revolutionise the decision making and information processes; to simplify, to quickly navigate and pinpoint, and to therefore increase the likelihood of a correct decision. Never before has there been such an all encompassing information-sharing platform.

David Evans of The ESRG Group commented – “The Group immediately saw the potential of such revolutionary technology, developed by a strong team of experienced key figures, in terms of both efficiency and for the sharing of knowledge and information. In addition, I personally predict exceptional performance from Df2020, and am eager to see the growth of the venture”.