The ESRG Group announces an investment in music–based company Evermix

The ESRG Group announced an investment in music–based company Evermix, which launches in September of this year.

Evermix is focused around a new concept, to connect electronic music fans with amazing DJ sets from the world’s greatest artists via a mobile app and website. As such, it is the first social streaming platform aimed solely at the electronic music industry and its fans.

Through Evermix, DJs have the technology to record live mixes by plugging their smartphone and mixer into ‘MixBox’, a pocket-sized recording device created and developed by Evermix, and upload instantly and wirelessly to their very own Evermix page. Music fans can access recordings online, and very soon via an innovative mobile app available free on IOS and Android. This extends the interaction between DJs and music fans beyond anything available to date.

Evermix is led by CEOs Macky Drese (Viacom, MTV, Universal Music) and Dom Rodwell (with over 20 years professional experience in the digital industry). Dom describes the evolution of the idea –   “Evermix was designed around the real needs of the DJ community, not just the possibilities of technology, and we’ve been blown away by the positive reaction from those already using our DJ app and MixBox. We’ve got incredible new features in the pipeline, and we’re aiming for Evermix to become the de facto way for DJs to connect with their fans worldwide.” This very real basis for the concept is borne out by the presence of Seb Fontaine as the company’s Director of Product Strategy, not only having vast experience as an event organiser within the industry, but also being one of the most recognised DJs on the international club circuit. The leadership team is completed by long term Dance Music Promoter Steve Stimpson, Director of Talent and Music.

The ESRG Group has a proven track record in identifying viable and exciting new business investments, and Evermix can be listed amongst these successes. ESRG Media’s Patrick Bird who introduced Evermix to the group considers the investment to be “a very prudent business decision; Evermix is at the cutting edge of innovation within its sector. ESRG forecasts wide scale implementation and business growth for Evermix, as it pioneers a completely new way to interact”.

For more information please contact Maxine Yates at RUN.