SportsMed hits the headlines in The Australian

The ESRG Group investment SportsMed hit the headlines in the business review section of The Australian recently, highlighting the rapid success of the sporting software solution, through SMG Technologies.

SportsMed is an innovative system for use across a range of sporting sectors; an elite athlete software solution for professional sports teams, individual athletes and the everyday elite consumer. Cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. The data analytics engine is incredibly powerful, with SportsMed being the only company in the world to provide this as an athletic, health and wellness solution. SportsMed can monitor and measure all sporting operations such as wellness, nutrition, physical performance, medical interactions, finances and risk trends. The platform then uses predictive analytics to identify trends, mitigate risks, improve results, maximise potential and build champions. This is all supported by the knowledge and experience of industry experts, with bases in the UK and the US. Whilst a handful of competitors exist, none can rival SportsMed in terms of customisation options and user-friendly approach.

The ERSG Group involvement with SportsMed grew from a direct relationship between David Evans and the SportsMed CEO, Zane Hall. In 2012, Zane acquired the basis of the software, used for insurance claims and rehabilitation, and began to develop it into the elite system which is seen today. Indeed, the flexible nature of the platform is now facilitating an expansion by SMG Technologies into non-sport sectors, such as corporate wellness and community health, financial services such as private insurance, retail, public and government services and the armed forces.

Representing The ESRG Group, David Evans commented “this week’s featured article in The Australian is a welcome brand exposure for the already prominent SportsMed, re-emphasising the immense success we have seen so far”.