SMG Technologies announces the integration of its SportsMed software into World Rugby.

ERSG Group investment company SMG Technologies have announced a significant step forward with the integration of its SportsMed software into World Rugby. This follows a highly successful use of the head injury assessment system during the Rugby World Cup 2015. The SportsMed platform and app provide a way to standardise and simplify the recording and management of injuries; invaluable to both team and independent medics.

SportsMed provides an innovative system for use across a broad range of sporting sectors; an elite athlete software solution for professional sports teams, individual athletes and the everyday elite consumer. Cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at anytime. The data analytics engine is incredibly powerful, with SportsMed being the only company in the world to provide this as an athletic, health and wellness solution. SportsMed can monitor and measure all sporting operations such as nutrition, physical performance, medical interactions, finances and risk trends. The platform then uses predictive analytics to identify trends, mitigate risks, improve results, maximise potential and build champions.

SportsMed is completely unrivalled in terms of customisation options and its user-friendly approach. Another bespoke version of the software is also due for imminent completion, for the National Rugby League, with requests also in place from the English Premier League and RFU amateur rugby. The company has also been approached by a major insurance company, recognising the potential of SportsMed’s hardware within the insurance industry.

ERSG Group director TONY Copsey commented “The ERSG Group continues with its full support for, and belief in, the SportsMed platform. These latest developments simply reinforce our high regard for the business; SportsMed is a strong element within the Group, fully expected to go from strength to strength”.