Saunders looks ahead to next contest

ESRG sponsored boxer Jeff Saunders is busy preparing for his upcoming bout on May 1 in Dunston.

Speaking to the Northern Echo ahead of the contest, Saunders discussed his first-round stoppage win in his previous fight: “I wasn’t going to mess about really. I saw that he (Racz) had gone and I thought that’s it, I’m taking it. I couldn’t have asked for more from my professional debut, I mean in front of Sky Sports and over 6,500 was just amazing.

“I tried to soak up the atmosphere but I hadn’t fought since the ABAs and the support on both days was just unreal.

“My coaches, nutritionist Ian Glass, my cutsman, they’ve all been superb, even my sponsors ESRG and MGM Gym, those coupled with the work my mother (Tracey Saunders) puts in would not have got me to where I am today and I’ll repay that by winning a world title.

“The next stop though is May 1 in Dunston. It will be a brilliant night and I am buzzing that I am headlining. I also know that all eyes will be on me though so I will have to push the boat out and see where it all goes.”

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