Jordan Nobbs

ESRG Ambassador Jordan Nobbs set to continue as vice-captain for Women’s World Cup

As England prepare for their World Cup opener against France today, 22 year old vice-captain Jordan Nobbs, who is sponsored by ESRG, is happy to seek out her more experienced team-mates for advice should she need it during the tournament.

Nobbs said: “All the girls have been really supportive. I’m sure I’ll still learn loads from them anyway.

“Steph (Houghton, England’s captain and most capped player of all-time) and I have a strong relationship and she said she was really proud of me which is a great thing to hear from your captain.

“I look up to Steph. She is a massive role model of mine and hopefully I can step into her shoes as and when I have to and use the things I have learnt from her.

“There is a lot of experience in this team and I want to keep learning from the likes of Steph, Alex Scott, Fara and others.

“I know for a fact the knowledge I will pick up off people like that will only make me a better captain and a better player.”

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