ESRG Investment company Df2020 Ltd is granted a Registered Trademark for the Intellectual Property of UGIC™

Representation of the mark:


Has been registered by the Intellectual Property Office, Great Britain & Northern Ireland in respect of: Classes 35, 36, 41, 42 and 44.

Df2020 a pioneering technology provider which empowers people and organisations to script their own Chatbots for measurable conversations today announced that they have been granted a registered TradeMark for the Intellectual Property of UGIC™.

It is now becoming widely accepted that the enterprise will adopt Chatbots in the same way they are currently embracing mobile and IoT platforms. Imagine empowering every person and every organisation on the planet to script, publish and measure their own Chatbots for conversations with over three billion people. Welcome to User Generated Interactive Content (UGIC™) to script know-how, such as policies and procedures, into Chatbot conversations with others at the point of need. UGIC empowers users to publish their own Chatbots or co-develop Chatbots with software programmers to develop dialogue-driven workflow for productivity reinvention to achieve more.

The UGIC™ approach and the Df2020 suite of Apps not only allow you to script your own Chatbots but the real commercial value lies in the business intelligence it generates. By capturing the data patterns from the user journeys combined with their contextual feedback it now enables this knowledge to continuously evolve and set new benchmarks compared to their peer group.

Freddie McMahon, thought leader at Df2020 commented, “UGIC™ is a paradigm shift across all services to use scripted Chatbots for productivity reinvention to achieve more through dialogue-driven workflow.”

John Rawlings, CEO at Df2020 continues, “We are delighted to have a registered trademark for our revolutionary concept. The world of Chatbots is one which is rapidly evolving and with our years of commercial experience we are fully aware of how crucial it is to ensure that key assets, such as our IP, is fully protected.”