The ESRG Group launches a multi-language website across Asia

The ESRG Group has broadened its reach yet further this week, with the live launch of a multi-language website across Asia, increasing its international standing and presence.

As a specialist in new venture funding, the Group has invested in more than 25 companies in the last two years, from private clients to large multinationals. The expansion of the website is set to generate increased interest from non-UK sources, tapping into a pool of foreign investment already eager to reach into the UK – one of the top destinations for overseas investment. With a range of companies under the ESRG Group umbrella, the potential for attracting non-UK investment is huge; indeed, post-referendum trends already show a renewed influx of interest e.g. in the UK property market.

David Evans, ESRG Group’s CEO, commented on the move as “a significant step forward for the Group, perfectly timed to capture the huge level of interest in the UK trending from Asia. We estimate a noteworthy rise in interest as a direct result of the ESRG Group website’s translation for the Asian audience”.  Stuart Stobie ESRG Group Director stated that “With our increasing links and pipeline of business in Asia, the launch of this site helps increase our presence in the region and underlines our commitment to generate long lasting relationships in the area.”

The ESRG Asia website will be hosted in China, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. You can view the new site here.