CRH Racing

The ESRG Group and Kicca announce GT Cup sponsorship of CRH Racing

The ERSG Group, in collaboration with its investment venture Kicca, are pleased to announce a new high profile sporting sponsorship venture, The GT Cup . An 8 event/23 race championship, the Cup is held at tracks throughout the UK from April to September, and features a phenomenal range of entrants. For 2016, ERSG and Kicca will provide sponsorship to the renowned CRH Racing team.

Team drivers Jonathan Evans and Tom Bradshaw are predicted to take the event by storm, with an impressive catalogue of motorsport and driving experience between them, and the sleek performance of CRH’s car of choice, the Porsche 977 GT3 Cup car. AFF has a near perfect reliability record; participation in the Porsche Club Championship for the last three years has given a showcase for the team’s expertise.

The GT Cup is the highest level UK amateur sports car racing, and receives a fantastic level of public interest. Coverage of the event has featured on primetime television and in national newspapers and motorsport publications. An increasing social media presence allows for further levels of exposure, including live race reporting via Twitter, and an almost 50% increase in interest via Facebook in 2015.

Such a well regarded and popular event is seen by The ERSG Group as “a perfect sponsorship opportunity. CRH Racing is a dedicated and flawless team, to which ERSG and Kicca are proud to add their association.” (David Evans, ERSG Group).