amBX become ESRG Group’s latest investment

The ESRG Group are delighted to announce their latest investment in digital lighting company amBX in August 2105, As part of its long term strategy, amBx had planned an investment opportunity at this time, to further accelerate company growth. ESRG Group has lead a funding round of £465K with co investors Northstar Ventures and Tiger Corporate Finance Syndicate

In summary amBX is a disruptive control software technology that allows all the benefits of Networked & Digital Solid State Lighting to be realized in a repeatable, easily deliverable and cost effective way that no other lighting Software can match. Applicable beyond just lighting, development of the software has been concentrated on the lighting market in support of the strategic plan and has been developed into control systems that address three key sectors of the global lighting market:

  • Connected lighting (lighting connected on internet based networks).
  • Lighting Installations (commercial lighting projects and systems).
  • Entertainment lighting (lighting used to enhance the entertainment experience).

amBX owns, develops, and delivers its intelligent lighting control technology for clients worldwide, through a range of commercial sectors including cutting edge internet connected lighting. The leadership team at amBX comprises Keith Taylor (Chairman), John Niebel (CEO), Neil MacDonald (COO), David Eves (CTO) and Richard Cole (Design Director).

The technology was the brainchild of David and Richard, as a spin-out from Phillips in 2008, with 46 design patents. In the present day, Connected Lighting is, in effect, the world catching up with the amBX new lighting technology; this means the full capabilities of the original idea can now be fully implemented. Looking to the immediate future, John Niebel says “Our relationship with Cisco, the leading player in Connected Lighting, is growing ever stronger. With Cisco’s Light as a Service (LaaS) project at the University of Strathclyde we were instrumental in the first true PoE (Power over Ethernet) Lighting system in Europe. The ‘no programming’ model of amBX used here will revolutionise the controls world when launched for used in large commercial buildings.”

amBX was introduced to The ESRG Group by Roland Tate of Tiger Corperate Finance, initially through a meeting with Tony  Copsey – ESRG Group Consultant.

Representing the Group, David Evans ESRG Group CEO said of the venture – “ESRG has yet again found a solid investment opportunity, in an innovative and highly advanced tech company. The combined experience of the leadership team is second to none, and ESRG immediately recognised the significance of amBX’s planned growth”.